What is NEEDS?

The acronym NEEDS stands for Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Dynamical Systems and it is the name of a series of international meetings focused on the interdisciplinary field of nonlinear phenomena. Traditionally, it has devoted particular - albeit not exclusive - attention to the major progress in the understanding of nonlinear phenomena which has occurred over the last decades as a consequence of the discovery of many integrable models with applicative relevance. The nonlinear world has revealed a fascinating phenomenology requiring, for its description, the construction of novel mathematical tools, thereby boosting mathematical research into integrability theories.


Over the years, the research in the field of nonlinear phenomena has bifurcated into two main branches, the first one concerning Chaotic Dynamical Systems, the second concerning Integrable Dynamical Systems. The NEEDS series of international meetings, which in the past has been mainly devoted to the latter issue, aims now to construct a fruitful collaboration between these two areas of research.


The NEEDS meetings provide a useful and pleasant opportunity for the world’s leading researchers on nonlinear phenomena to discuss their results. They also provide a valuable experience for junior scientists to meet both senior colleagues and their peers.